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Denny's blog Made the second attempt for Cemperoh Fall on Saturday after failing to complete it on February (More Details here). This time we were more prepared, all thanks to Aurelius efforts in getting a better and more detailed description of the trail, yet the chances of getting lost is still high and I must say that this has to be one of the most challenging trail I had ever done. The first leg of the trail involves walking across a massive vegetable farm and an open field for 45 minutes to an hour, the reason why this is a torture is that there were no cover from the sun and the trail were mostly uphill climbs, the open field (full of bushes) after the farm was even more of a torture all thanks to its thick and thorny overgrowth, trying to cut our way through is a waste of effort because it will be slow and will waste valuable body energy, no complains thou. never expect a walk in the park with this bunch of suckers for pain.

After walking pass the open field we found "Hope", a real jungle trail which spells the end of the thorns and the hot sun. Yet we have another 2 problems, first is that we are still unsure about the track that we are taking and the next one is leeches, there were unbelievable amount of leeches for this track (according to some of the group members), While most of the group were pulling off and killing the leeches, Linus was the only one who is weird to allow the leeches to cling on to him and suck his blood until it is full, his reason to this is funny thou. "We are visitors to their home, you don't go to some one's home and kill them." - Linus Quite true but that's the reason why there were 3 leeches up in his pants, plus we also don't suck our guests blood when they come to our home too. I don't know why but for some reasons I didn't get any leech bite on me. After a while I noticed that along the trail that we are taking has a long water pipe, which heads back to the farm, at that point we were still unsure of the path we still can't hear the waterfall and we were no where near a river, but following the water pipe makes a whole lot of sense because it must lead to a water source, even if it leads us to a river it will be safe for us because the river will eventually leads us to the waterfall. Not long after following the water pipe, we discovered a marker (a red and white ribbon which tells you that you are on the right track). It was such a relief to know that we are on the right track that point on it was looking out and checking for marker after marker and before we know it, we hear the sound of water flowing and there is was...

The whole group excited with the waterfall walk towards it without waiting after waiting like 10 or 15 minutes trying get everyone together to take a nice group picture. After resting, chilling, swimming and cam whoring for a little more then an hour someone suggest to head back home, I wanted to stay longer because I still don't feel satisfied, I feel that for the effort of tracking for the past 2 hours, even thou we did stay a bit longer but I still wished the the group spent more time relaxing and enjoying the beauty of the reward. A video of this trip will be release soon.

Micheal's blog Our task for the day to find Chemperoh Waterfalls which was described as a difficult falls hidden in Janda Baik. Our previous attempt two weeks ago was thwart by rain because we had to do a river crossing. We rendezvous at the Shell Station in Gombak at 7.00 a.m. and as usual there were stragglers. By 7.45 am, most of us have arrived but we still had to wait for a first timer who couldn’t find the place. Five cars proceeded to the Genting Sempah rest stop while one car continued waiting for the first timer. She finally arrived at 8.00 a.m. We then sped to Genting Sempah to join up with the rest only to be told that we have to wait for another car which was coming directly to meeting point. So there we were, 32 adults gathering outside the Macdonald’s waiting for one person. The boys started some street dancing to pass time while one innovative lass opened up the boot of the car and stretched herself horizontally for a rest. The rest of with nothing to do, starting taking her pictures and soon she was in the center spot.

Hurray at last the 33rd trekker arrived at 9.00 a.m. and we get to start.

We then found out that our leader, Joe left her GPS at home and we had to go in blindly. Well, that would make the trek even more exciting. I took the lead and led the convoy of 7 cars to the point where we abandoned our attempt two weeks ago. Joe expressed that we will use the farm route instead of crossing the river where one of the locals told us to. So Leo led the way and we started trekking up a very steep farm trail.

After about 500 meters continues climb, Leo told us to turn back. He felt that it was not the way and one lady who had trekked from Gunung Nuang to Janda Baik told us of another trek where she had passed a waterfalls. We decied to use her way. So it back to the cars. We had to drive to another part of Janda Baik.

After parking our cars in the second stop, we did a river crossing and reached a lush farm land. One of the trekker then decided not to continue and told everyone, he wants to go home. His four companions did not want to follow him so we will have to distribute his companions into the remaining vehicles for the return journey. Anyway, one abandonment ain’t gonna to spoil the journey. While the companions returned to the car to transfer their stuff to other vehicles, I took the opportunity to enjoy the beatiful farm scene. One group started trekking and left a trail of paper for the rest to follow.

I was really enjoying the fresh air and the scenery until I came to a fork. There was no paper trail. Harris, Sam and Diana was with me. Harris went ahead to check and returned to confirm there was no trail and advised to turn back.

We then turned back and finally found the paper trail in small fork which I had missed earlier. The trail is another climb through farm country. Soom we caught up with Joe who was the sweeper. She was surprised to see us as we were ahead of her. We trek about an hour through farms before we reached the edge of the jungle.

The trek through the jungle was pleasant as it provided us a more varied terrain and not to mention beautiful fauna and flora along the way like the beautiful wild ginger flower. We continued on the jungle trail for 45 minutes before we could hear the sound of rushing water. The last stretch was a steep down hill all the way to the river. Once we reached the river, we could see the waterfalls some 150 meters away. We waded through the river to reach the falls.

The most intersting characteristic of this falls is the giant red boulder at the bottom of the falls.

Well, it was another good workout for the day and another waterfalls conquered.

John's blog I went to Chemperoh Falls last weekend. Thinking it wss not so difficult, I was shocked to see the route to get to the waterfall. And the worst part was I came unprepared. Anyway, you can only use a 4WD up until the river and the the trekking begins. It was raining at that time and wlaking through the mud was a challenge. It got worst when we started trekking up the hill. Thank god we hired a guide to cleared a great deal of obstacles for us. However, 15 minutes before reaching the waterfall, it rained quite heavily and the guide advised us on the possibility that the trees may collaspe if we continued. We decided that safety is more importantand we headed back without seeing the waterfall.Now I know that when its said it's "Difficult", it really is difficult.

Cemperoh Fall