Tembeling river

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Sungai Tembeling, Pahang, Malaysia
  • Sungai Tembeling is located is located in Taman Negara
  • You will find trip that combines whitewater rafting, jungle trekking and camping here.
  • An ideal trip for outdoor lovers.
introduction to Tembeling river
  • Pahang River is a river in the state of Pahang, Malaysia on the Malay Peninsula. With 459 km in length, it is the longest river on the Malay Peninsula. The river begins at the confluence of Jelai river and Tembeling rivers on the Titiwangsa Mountains and drains into the South China Sea.
  • Kuala Tembeling is the mouth of Tembeling river. Tembeling river is the main waterway into Taman Negara. It used to be the only way into Taman Negara, now there's a road leading to Taman Negara.
  • Tembeling river is located in Tourism Zone. Tembeling river is the border for Taman Negara. Everyday hundreds of tourist use this river to access to this park.
Temoleh at Tembeling riverPahang, Malaysia
  • Temoleh is Koi fish
    • Temoleh or Koi fish can only be found in Sungai Pahang and Sungai Perak. Sungai Tembeling is one of the Sungai Pahang main tributaries.
    • Study and researched shows that the size of temoleh in Tembeling River is much bigger compare to Temoleh found in other parts of Pahang and Perak River.
  • Unique Phenomenon In Tembeling River
    • Every year from October to February after the flood season, hundreds of giant temoleh will swim upstream the Tembeling River through the rapids and fast moving water for breeding and spawning. The spawning zone will start from Kuala Tembelings area up to Kg Bantal.
    • The spawning phenomenon will happened on at shallow water thus make them easy to caught by uneducated people. Normally they will choose their own territories for spawning process. Sometimes a big fight will happen between the temoleh, the weaker will left and the stronger will stay. The spawning process will occur when the giant temoleh slam their body with each others or their partner. This is to to release the eggs from their body. During the slam and fighting process, the sound can be heard clearly from far and can be seen by near. After the fight the temoleh will become very weak and make so easy to catch by the locals.
  • Myths and Scientifics
    • The process of temoleh spawning was already happened hundred of years ago and continue until today. Local believed that this is related to one fetish rock in Kuala Pengau, Kg Pagi which called in locals " Batu berhala Temoleh". This rock cannot be seen nowadays because it's burry by the sand during flood season.. The myth tells that, it is a must for the temoleh to visit this fetish rock before they breed or spawning. The old local folks said that during the season, thousands of temoleh can be seen in this area. The temoleh will round the "Batu Berhala Temoleh" for seven rounds then only they can proceed for breeding. However, during old days this process will monitored and observed by the Shaman or " Tok Pawang". During the season the Shaman will do a spiritual ceremony to the river and the temoleh. The villagers are prohibited to catch any single of temoleh until the ceremony is over. Normally the ceremony will takes up to a few weeks. If the Shaman instruction is breach, the local believe that a big disaster will attack the village.
    • By scientific; the spirituals ceremony by the Tok Pawang is a process of conservations. The do's and don't during the ceremony is to avoid the local from disturb the spawning process. The enough time frame decide by the Shaman will allow the temoleh to complete the spawning and breeding process thus the number of the survival temoleh will secure.
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