Trip to Kuala Perahu, Pahang

RM550 Day 1: Kuala Lumpur / Bentong / Kuala Medang

Meet our representative at Karak Toll at 0730am. Proceed to the town of Bentong for breakfast and then proceed to Kuala Medang. After lunch and loading of equipments into motorized boat, depart upriver of Sg. Telom to Kuala Perahu. Upon arrival, setting of tents and overnight. The boat ride up is about 2.5 hours depending on the water level. Dinner will be at 0800pm after which there will be a briefing on the program.

Day 2: Kuala Perahu / Kg. Harong / Pos Lanai / Sg. Jelah.

After breakfast, break camp and loading of raft, there will be a detail briefing on the rafting technique and the safety aspect of it. Participants will be divided into group and will raft down to Sg. Jelah and camp overnight. Rafting route will pass through two Orang Asli village and we will stop at Pos Lanai for lunch. The rafting distance is about 11 kilometers of easy rapids.

Day 3: Sg. Jelah / Kg. Pantos / Kuala Medang / K. Lumpur

At 0830hr, break camp and loading of raft after which depart to Kuala Medang stopping at Kg. Pantos for a visit. Lunch will be on one of the sandy beach. Upon arrival at Kuala Medang, wash up and then depart back to Kuala Lumpur. Rafting distance from Sg. Jelah to Kuala Medang is about 13 kilometers with easy rapids at Class 1.The highlight of this stretch is the tree canopy covered river covering a distance of approx. 13 kilometers.

Kuala Perahu

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