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We are planning to visit Phuket this June, 2009, Below are the details we have survey before going there. To plan our budget we need confirm how much we need to pay for hotel, fun, transportation and food.

Before we go to phuket we have search the web for hotels with best prices and locations. Phuket discussion page, hotel - We find these hotel to be in our budget and located in Patong Beach. So what we will do is - book one day 1st, then we will visit all the nice hotel, then only we will book for the following days.

  • Below is some of the hotels we found for more information about the hotels we found please visit Phuket hotel.

Burasari hotel 4stars THB 1,516 a very high class hotel, Floyd's Brasserie is located here.

After getting all the information of the hotels in Patong area, we work out the itinerary for our 7 days stay at Phuket, if u are interested in how we can manage to save cost and get to enjoy different hotels and experiences please visit: Phuket planned hotel itinerary - These are on top of our hotel stay list. So the rough price for 6 nights stay would be around THB4000 each room 2 person, THB3500 if each room 3 person.

Phuket discussion page, things to do and see

Phuket Patong food

We will bring you more about phuket after our trip.