Phuket FantaSea

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We plan to visit Fantasea during our visit to Phuket, according to their website they have quite a number of attractions there:

Palace of Elephant Theater - This is one of the main attraction at the Phuket Fantasea. Below is he brief introduction to this threater.

  • In the palace Court sits the statue of prince of Kamala astride the magic elephant, Iyar, serenaded by illusory songbirds of ancient myths. The twinkling of the Songbird Luminarie forests light the way to the heart of Phuket Fantasea...the magnificent Palace of the Elephants, a 3000 seat state of the art theater that houses the latest in Las Vegas style theatrical productions, the spellbinding "Fantasy of a Kingdom"
  • Painstakingly reconstructed to minute details, this Palace pays homage to the 999 elephants that protected this legendary kingdom. Inside, fantasy and reality mingle, promising untold wonders of those who enter....

Hanuman's Lair (Similan Entertainment Centre)

Carnival Village Shopping Street

Fantasy of a Kingdon Show

Golden Kinnaree Buffet Restaurant

Legend of Kamala

Songbird Luminarie

Tiger Jungle Adventure