Review: Berembun Fall

Hutan Lipur Lata Berembun (Berembun Waterfall)

Located 38 kms from Raub near Kampung Baru China Sungai Chalit is Lata Berembun enter from the Kg Baru Sg Klau. A picturesque waterfall that's also ideal for camping and picnics.

It is only accessible by 4x4 that takes you past verdant fruit orchards and plantations growing guava, durian, cocoa, papaya, rubber estates, Oli palm and plantation. Located almost 1000m above sea level and surrounded by thick forests, the water is icy cold. Lata Berembun is located halfway up the slopes of the massive 2000m Gunung Benom which is still mostly unexplored. .

Berembun Fall