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  • My trip to Berkelah Falls – the best camping trip ever!!

Situated in Pahang, Malaysia, Berkelah Falls is a cascade of waterfalls just about 50km away from Kuantan, heading towards Maran. We took off around 6am and it took us about 2 hours to get from KL to our destination.

From there, we parked our cars at the food stalls near the main road and the owners there run a lorry service which ferry passengers to the base of the waterfalls at a nominal price between RM5 to RM10 per head depending on the driver.

The trail from the base of the waterfall to the top of the camping grounds isn't all that far but the huge rocks and confined spaces we had to maneuver our way across made it quite treacherous for us. You need to be quite nimble and obviously quite fit in order to stay on track.

But as we made our ascent, the waterfalls came into view and all that effort to come this far was worth minute of it.

We were tempted to stop and dip ourselves silly in the tempting waters but as the saying goes, all good things come to those who wait. We soon took a break at the first camping ground and without much hesitation; we got from our full gear with backpack to our bathers in less than 2 minutes.


A handful of kampung kids were already there having fun frolicking in the waters, laughing and clowning around as if the place belonged to them. Totally carefree.We were no different.

Having rejuvenated ourselves in the cool crisp waters, we continued upwards to our designated camp site.

About 45 minutes later, we finally arrived.We were fortunate enough to find a good ground to pitch our tents as well as ground sheet for the food.After a nice hearty lunch, it's off to the waters again. The waters were even more spectacular this time round. And the best part is: We had the whole place to ourselves.

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  • Berkelah Falls, a lovely series of waterfalls, is located in Kuantan, the state of Pahang, Peninsula Malaysia. Heard from them that it's 6 stories high!

This is my first overseas trip without my parents or relatives, so I really enjoyed the freedom! Though the heavy rain made us gave up climbing to the main falls, I'm still glad that I had a chance to sit under a smaller waterfall and let the water rushing down my head :P That's cool! They said that the main falls has a swimming lake the size of an Olympic pool! It's ok...I got to swim a little at the smaller one :p The water is super cold....I was shivering while playing with the water :p

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