Blog: Chamang fall

Ernie's blog I like coming here and have been there 3 times in 2 months! But the rapids are strong and dangerous at some spots. My husband and a couple of his colleagues went up the Chamang and the streams and upper falls are quite as spectacular. An important note, DONT GO UP THERE WITHOUT A GUIDE! The rocks are slippery, river is super strong and its a long fall downhill.

Bernie's blog The road signs were adequately posted all the way from Bentong town (going toward Raub), right up to the falls. The 8 km road leading to the falls from the main road is now well paved. The drive in takes you through a Chinese cemetery, orchards, durian plantations, a National Service Training Camp and a (the last) narrow 3 km stretch of pristine primary jungle. There is a huge car park at the end of the road where you could view the falls without walking more than ten steps from your car. The falls is beautiful and the volume of water is really enormous. This one falls that you can actually do some decent swimming. Perfect place to visit for those who do not want to hike or walk much.

Chamang Fall