Blog: Jeram Linang, Kelantan

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  • Near Machang, Kelantan - It was actually kinda late for us to go waterfall hunting for the day, but since we don't get many opportunities to visit Kelantan, we've decided to give it a go, even though it was raining quite heavily earlier. It was quite easy to find this waterfall park, plenty of signages and again. Since it wasn't a holiday, there were no visitors and the place looked empty when we arrived. It seemed that a lot of work were currently being put into upgrading this park, and I assumed that on weekends, this place is THE place to go to. A very popular place for the locals and facilities like toilets, showers, huts, prayer halls, cafes and even a mini zoo! can be expected here for a perfect day out with the family.
  • The swimming area at this part of the stream was large and sandy.. a safe depth for children with slow flowing water.. There were also camping facilities, huts and BBQ pits, and I also noticed that there were a few light bulbs among the tress, giving the impression that the park has its visitors at night and well lighted.

Jeram Linang