Blog: Steam fish recipe

Uncle Lim

I like to use fresh fish to cook. I bought a fresh fish from the local market. The fish monger recommended it to me because he said it is excellent for steaming and it is so cheap. These fishes are reared at sea and of decent size. The fish monger cut it nicely for me, by slitting the belly part open, like a butterfly.

This is few step of steamed fish i would like to share. Is easy and good taste.

First, I boiled a huge wok of hot, boiling water. Then, holding the fish like a butterfly, I quickly dipped it into the boiling water and took it out immediately. The purpose is to ‘freeze’ the fish in this position. I saw a few ‘chu-char’ cooks do this before they steam the fish.

Then, I place a few slices of ginger and a stalk of spring onion on the steaming plate. Put the fish on top. Pour some oil over it.

I steamed the fish over high heat for about 10 minutes.

I dislike the murky gravy so I pour all the juices away.

For the gravy, here’s what I mix in a small bowl : 2 tablespoon of steam fish soy sauce (it’s a special soy sauce which is not as salty and has lighter colour, otherwise, mix 1 tbsp normal soya sauce with 1 tbsp water)

A few drops of sesame oil

2 tablespoon of water

I heat two tablespoon of oil till they are smoking hot and pour it over the fish. I just love the ‘cherrrrrr’ sound when the hot oil hits the fish skin.

Then, I topped it off with lots of coriander leaves and spring onions.

Note that you can only get away with this simple recipe if your fish is absolutely fresh. Otherwise, do not attempt as it may have very strong fishy smell. If the fish is less fresh, do use garlic oil and ginger to cover the fishy smell.

The fish I use is a ‘pek choe’.

Steam fish.jpg