Itinerary to Berkelah Falls, Pahang

Berkelah Waterfall: Day 01

7th June was the day 01 at Berkelah waterfall aka Picnic Waterfall... 9 of us; Enigmaz, Celyn, Chee Sin Lou, Ah Ee, Yoyo, Alice, Aegean, Ah Hong and I... By 12 noon, we reached to the entrance of Berkelah waterfall which located between Maran and Kuantan by Karak. The day wasn't suitable for any outdoor activity as it was a rainy season. Since it was a waterfall trekking, no doubt we'll get wet also.

We started our journey at 12:45pm. A short distance from the entrance, we have to cross the 1st stream. We noticed that the water was muddy as the day before rained. We encountered a few campsites and most of it were fully occupied. There're few groups from Singapore too.

We trekked along the waterfall and terrain was rocky surface. The scenery wasn't that attractive due to the brownish water. Therefore, we hardly stop for a waterfall shot.

The rocky surface became very slippery when wet.

By 15:00, we reached almost to the last fall. We've to cross the stream in order to get to the last fall. Water tide was higher than usual. We used the rope which belongs to another group of trekkers to get us across.

Finally, we reached to last fall... It was really huge. The after-rain causing the fall greater than normal. Enigmaz on the huge rock...

Berkelah Waterfall: Day 02

Day 02, 8th June... I woke up from from my sleep at 07:00am and miracle happened... Chee Sin Lou and I overnight on the huge rock but luckily there's just a slight drizzle. When I opened my eyes... Peerrghh..! The waterfall no longer in shit colour..!!!

Wah Lan..! It was totally not the same fall I saw the day before..! No more disappointment... xD Haha.. Got soft blur effect somemore (actually it was the water drops accumulated at my lens...) =P

By 11:00am, we packed any left our campsite... Along the way down, we stopped for bath at every falls...!

Berkelah Falls