Lake Chini

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Lake Chini About 100km southwest of Kuantan lies Lake Chini, Malaysia's second largest natural lake. It teems with a variety of freshwater fish, and the surrounding wildemess is home to unique flora and fauna. Primates such as Ahite-handed gibbons, Long-tailed macaques, Pig-tailed macaques and Banded langurs have been sighted here. At certain times of the year. the lake is filled with lotus blossoms.

Legends and folklores enshroud the lake with mystical aura. Lake Chini is said to be the site of submerged Khmer city, guarded by a mythical creature. A host of activities can be enjoyed here, including boat rides, fishing trips and jungle trekking. For a fascinating experience, visit the Jakun settlement, one of Pahang's indigenous peoples and take home a unique handicraft.