Pulau Tengah

Brief Introduction

Pulau Tengah is a small beach island located on the coast of Mersing off the eastern coast of Johor in Malaysia. It was a famous Vietnamese refugee camp, which today has today has become a gazetted marine park of the country.

Pulau Tengah is known for its untouched and exotic beauty. The island is practically uninhabited, which implies that the only people that one can find here includes the tourists or the people working in the resorts and hotels. The beach is the perfect place for a great vacation. The best time to visit this place is in the month of July. This tropical island has golden sandy beaches surrounded by crystal clear blue waters of the South China Sea. The island also has lush green tropical forests, which adds to its beauty and charm.


The island is filled with exotic flora and fauna. Besides, one can also get to see different kinds of sea creatures over here. In fact, the waters of the beach are filled with different varieties of tropical fishes. The island is also the breeding ground of the Leatherback Turtles. One can get to see these turtles lay their eggs in the month of July over here.

The beach island offers extensive shore activity options to the tourists and visitors. The most common activities that one can embark upon include snorkeling, swimming, diving, scuba diving, fishing and many others. Being a coral island one can go for coral hunting over here also.

The presence of a jungle on this island, allows the tourist to go for jungle exploration or jungle trekking. One can see different types of birds and animals also over here.

Being a lowly inhabited island, there are not many food stalls or shops over here. However, one can find numerous resorts and hotels over here where one can put up during their visit to this beach island. Some of the major resorts or hotels that one can find over here include the Blue Coral Island Resort, Square Point Resort, Redang Lang Island Resort and many others. The services offered over here are good and the amenities provided make your stay a memorable one. Many of the resorts also have a golf course where one can practice their shots.

The raw beauty of Pulau Tengah has attracted many tourists looking for a peaceful and quiet vacation. This island is one of the most beautiful islands of Malaysia.


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