Rainbow waterfall

Rainbow waterfall is located near Kuantan, its a must see waterfalls in Malaysia.

  • visit the Rainbow Fall, near Sg Lembing in Pahang. Access to th waterfalls is not easy, 4WD needed. With the East-West highway it takes only a few hours to reach Sg Lembing.
  • The water flow is quite small here.
  • The waterfall is so tall that the falling water becomes a mist of water droplets.

My personal experience All of us woke up at 5am. Then the lorry came at 6am to pick us up. It was a real bumpy ride, we reach the rest point in an hour, from here we hike for 40 minutes before reaching the waterfall. The best time to see the rainbow forming is aroung 11.oo a.m. We left around 12.00 p.m.