Redang Island

Redang island(Pulau Redang) is a island located about 45km off the coast of Terengganu, Malaysia(east coast).

Redang island is famous for snorkeling and diving. The island is well know by backpacker who like beach. The crystal clear water, white and smooth sandy beaches is one of the attraction also.

Best time to visit Redang Island is around March to July.


Snorkeling is the number one activity on Redang. You can find snorkeling tours easily at Redang. Many resort packages include snorkeling tours by boat to nearby islands or marine park. It is very important to be concious while snorkeling if you are using fins as it can take many years for the coral to re-grow. The snorkeling is quite protected making the water quite calm and fins are not necessary.

Running a close second in the popularity contest is scuba diving. The waters around the island are usually crystal clear - although visibility can drop dramatically after a storm - and home to a host of sea creatures including turtles and reeftip sharks. While Redang caters to divers of all levels and is a popular place to complete a diving course, some of the sites further out can have fairly strong currents. More or less every resort on the island has its own dive shop, but it may be worth looking beyond the house shop as quality varies considerably.

  • Coral Redang Divers, Pasir Panjang (at Coral Redang Island Resort). Very professionally run PADI outfit with custom-built dive boats. Single dives from RM70/105 with/without your own gear.
  • Redang Bay Divers, Pasir Panjang (at Redang Bay Resort). Lowest prices on the island - RM50/85 with/without your own gear. Dive station her is not as fancy and sophisticated as the one in Coral, but the friendly and helpful staff make up for it. Only MAUI instructors on the island.
  • Redang Pelangi Dive Centre, Pasir Panjang (at Redang Pelangi Resort). Competitive price, offering dive services, courses as well as Scuba Discovery for non-divers. Professional Dive Master and Instructor from either PADI/SDI certification. Contact: tengjanshir[at] for more details.

Other available sports options include beach volleyball and sea kayaks, but jet skis and water skis are mercifully absent (banned to protect the coral). Fishing within the marine park is not permitted, but fishing boats can be hired for excursions beyond the 2-mile park limits.

Underwater cameras also available for rental at RM30 per day with pictures burnt in CD at the end of the day. Walk in to Redang Pelangi to enquire for more.

  • Fishing at the middle of sea. Fihsing is a part of activity that you may do. You may organize a mid night fishing near by the island after sun set.

  • Beach Volley Ball - let sweat together out. Organize a volley ball game, invite friends or others tourism play together.

Beach Volley ball.jpg


Is easily to get seafood in the island.

  • BBQ seafood buffer.
  • Enjoy your dinner beside the beach during sun set.

Sunset dinner.jpg

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