Review: Felda residence Hot Spring

Review: Our drive from Kuala Lumpur was 1 1/2 hours to Sungkai in Perak.. To reach Sungkai Hot Springs, we drove through a Felda kampong with beautiful landscape and little shops like you see on a prairie. Sungkai Hot Spring is huge like Sunway Lagoon but with natural surroundings. Villas have outdoor hot spring water Jacuzzi in the midst of greenery, as you see on Travel & Living programs, The 6 of us comfortably settled into the large room, hall, kitchen and toilet; our 5 days holiday started.

Meals could be under the palm trees or inside the restaurant overlooking hot water pools. Little animals are treated to karaoke sessions.

Our explorations brought us to various hot water spots for soaking our feet, boiling eggs, dipping the whole body, and swimming .Locals and foreigners come here for Ayurvedic, traditional massage and water treatments, believed to cure many ailments.

Coco fruits, plucked from the trees, were so sweet. There is so much to see, feel, touch, learn and most importantly appreciate God’s creation..

March 22nd was mum's birthday that ended with dinner in a cabana above a hot water spring stream filled with mineral laden steam; a unique and beautiful sight.. Hotel staffs joined in with their guitars and serenades

We went on a Level 2 – 3 white water rafting adventure for RM150 per person in Gopeng; we set a record when Grandad, at 84, was the oldest to raft here.

Our first slide opened our lungs, with tears, .fear, happiness and shock, fortunately softened by the sight of eagles flying and little monkeys distracted us, .Orang Asli was another attraction.

We could never have enough of a huge pool of hot water to wade, splash and swim in, and the return was a nostalgic parting.

Felda Residence Hot Springs