Jonker walk

If you are asking a local resident or tour guide to suggest a must-visit destination in Melaka, except the historical places of warship, chances are extremely high that they will definitely answer with firmed tone, speaking out one of these names Jonker Street, Jonker Walk or Jalan Hang Jebat. While having variation, these names are actually referring to the same narrow street located in Melaka Chinatown.

Jonker Street, houses some of the Melaka oldest dwellings or houses dating back to the 17th century, is also informally known as the antique street. The antique shops here are featuring artifacts from different periods of colonial rule – Portuguese, Dutch, and British. If you have sufficient time to stroll through the street with eagle eyes, you can easily hunt and bargain for the unique and valuable antique furniture, Chinese porcelain, brassware, cast iron beds, lamps, coins and money notes, as well as the priceless Buddha statues.

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  • Famous for its wide range of souvenirs, apparels, and even art works.