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Malacca (Malay: Melaka) is the capital of the Malacca, on the west coast of peninsular Malaysia.

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Must See

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This city has old palaces, large buildings by Europeans, houses and shops century old. All of which contains beautiful details such as moulded porcelain tiles and painted plaster reliefs on the front. On Tuesdays many museums,Jonker Walk Street area are closed. If you have only one day to spend in Malacca, do not go on Tuesday!

  • It contains Christ Church, the Stadhuys and Tang Beng Swee Clock Tower.
  • The Dutch Square also called Red Square is famous for its red-painted buildings. It has a display of many unique masonry and architectural skills.

The dutch buildings used to be painted in white until the British governor ordered it to be painted red.

Stadthuys Open: Thursday - Tuesday.
  • Located in Ayer Keroh, along the main road from the Ayer Keroh toll plaza to Melaka town. One of the best zoo in Malaysia. The zoo is located in a reserved forest where the animal enclosures more resemble the animals' natural habitat. The trees within the zoo compound provide ample shades for visitors during hot and sunny days.

RM10 for adults, RM5 for children below 12 years old, and RM7 for senior citizens above 55 years old. Admission Fees for Visitors without MyKad: RM20 for adults, RM10 for children below 12 years old, and RM17 for senior citizens above 55 years old. Operating hours: 10am to 10pm daily

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Must Do

  • Kite flying - Go to Klebang Beach where there is strong wind and enjoy the evening.
  • Jonker Walk - is an open air night market held every weekend, recently extended to eve of public holidays, opens evening to late night.
  • Night Market / Pasar Malam - Night Market or Pasar Malam. Pasar Malam is a great place to observe local cultures and enjoy lacal foods.

Must Buy

  • Jonker Walk (6PM -12AM every weekend).
  • The Orangutan House (59 Lorong Hang Jebat, +606 282 6872) has cool T-shirts as well as paintings for sale.
  • Tan Kim Hock Product Center (85, 87, 89 Jalan Bendahara) sells famous food specialties from Melaka, like Dodol, Cincalok, Belacan, dried fruits, durian cake, etc. Might be a good idea as souvenirs for friends back home.
  • Mahkota Parade Shopping Mall is one of the largest shopping centers available in Melaka.
  • No.4 Jalan Tokong, just off the jonkers walk this is a lovely art gallery of contemporary art work by Titi Kwok, the work is beautiful and the prices even better.

Must Eat

Try Peranakan or Baba-Nyonya food, which is uncommercialised and confined to the kitchens of old grandmothers. The dishes are slightly different from that of the Penang Peranakan. Usual ones include ayam pongteh (chicken in bean sauce, originally cooked with pork) and ayam buah keluak (chicken cooked with a bitter fruit) and a desserts. Another famous Malacca dish is what is commonly called chicken rice ball. Although it is called Hainanese chicken rice, it is not from Hainan, China, but invented by the Hainanese immigrants to Malaysia a long time ago. The chicken for this dish is very much the same as the boiled chicken offered throughout Malaysia; what is unique is the rice - it comes in ping-pong sized balls. Yet another Malaccan speciality is satay celup. It is like lok-lok found in other parts of the country but instead of dipping your skewered into boiling water, you dip them into a boiling vat of satay sauce. Portuguese-Eurasian food. The greatest concentration of outlets will be at the Portuguese Settlement. Seafood is popular, as is the fiery "devil curries".

Don't miss the cendol ("chen-dul"), a sweet dessert of coconut milk, lurid green noodles and gula Melaka (Malacca sugar).

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  • Malacca Town
  • Alor Gajah
  • Masjid Tanah
  • Jasin
  • Merlimau
  • Batu Berendam
  • Ayer Keroh.