Nenggiri river

Nenggiri river Kelantan, Malaysia

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  • Nenggiri river is located in Kelantan and joins the Kelantan river at Kuala Krai
  • This is a remote rafting path, you can see lots of unique plants along the river, if you are lucky even some animals.
  • There are numbers of caves found along the river such as Gua Cha, Gua Chawan and Gua Jaya, which is a very rare scene for whitewater rafting river.
  • Nenggiri river is Grade 2-3 river and is very wide, about 4 hours drive from Kuala Lumpur.
  • You can opt to spend your night in the Orang Asli kampung and the guide there will bring you to the historical Gua Cha.
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Nenggiri Rafting International Challenge Competition

  • Kelantan is a place with many great fun to be explored, we can have environmental friendly precious trip here in Kelantan.