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This is a page where we discuss about whitewater rafting in Malaysia, we wish to introduce our nice rivers to everyone as whitewater rafting is still not well known in Malaysia. We assure you that you would fall in love with whitewater rafting once you try it. If you haven't heard about whitewater rafting before please find out more about whitewater rafting in our pages dedicated to all the rivers that is suitable for whitewater rafting in Malaysia and promote them all to your friends.

People of Malaysia have been using rivers as a way of transportation and now a way of recreation.

Pahang Malaysia

There are 6 rivers suitable for whitewater rafting in Pahang, Jeram Besu white water rafting is the most famous among all. Jeram Besu is located 6km from Benta town, and it only takes 2-3 hours drive from Kuala Lumpur to reach Jeram Besu. The cost of whitewater rafting trip in these areas is very affordable, around RM 150 per pax. We would say this is a great activity for everyone. Jeram Besu white water rafting Grade I-III Telom River Grade V Kuala Perahu Lipis river Jelai river Grade I-II Tembeling river Grade I-II

Kedah, Malaysia

Sedim River Grade III-IV this is a very strong current river for whitewater rafting, visitors to this place will find there is more than whitewater rafting at Sedim Recreational Park, there are tubing, tree top canopy walk, and lots more to be discovered at this park.

Selangor, Malaysia

Sungai Selangor Grade I-III this river is located near Kuala Kubu Baru along the road from Kuala Lumpur to Fraser's hill. Sungai Selangor is a great place for whitewater rafting as there are many strong this river, a trip down the river will take around 2-3 hours and is very rewarding as you can experience Malaysia's virgin forest along the river. Tubing and kayaking is also available at Sungai Selangor

Sabah, Malaysia

Padas River Grade III-IV is on top of must visit when visitors are visiting Sabah, the journey to this river is an adventure itself, as we have to ride an ancient train( no air-conditioning, something not found anywhere else in Malaysia) upstream along the river to reach the starting point for Padas River whitewater rafting. Padas River is very wide, cold and yellowish.

Kiulu River Grade II is not as famous as Padas River whitewater rafting as the water flow here is not as strong and not much rapids found along this Kiulu River. But the highlight of this raft is the orang asli villages found along Kiulu River

Perak, Malaysia

Sungai Itek (Kampar river) Grade I-III

Sungkai river Grade I-II is only 1 hour drive from Kuala Lumpur. Also known as Sungai Klah white water rafting. If it rains, then Sungkai river will swell to Grade 3, which is a very exciting raft path.

Singor river Grade V for the ultimate whitewater rafting experience. This river offers Grade 5 rapids and is around 13km long. Singor river on the Perak-Kelantan border is a whitewater river that flow thorugh the virgin rainforest of the Belum rainforest exosystem.

Johor, Malaysia

Endau river white water rafting is situated in Endau-Rompin State Park. The Endau-Rompin State Park, the second largest national park in Peninsula Malaysia after Taman Negara, straddles the Malaysian state borders of Johor and Pahang.

Kelantan, Malaysia Nenggiri river Grade I-III Nenggiri river is located in Kelantan and this river joins Kelantan river and Kuala Krai. You can get exceptional whitewater rafting in this river. Visitors will be amazed by the caves found along the river, which is part of the unique Nenggiri river.

Best seasons to white water rafting in Malaysia

  • For first timer its easier to try whitewater rafting in the dry season as you don't have to fight the current. For those rafters seeking more thrill, you will have to use smaller rafts in the dry season cause the current is not strong enough to carry the bigger raft.
  • During the raining season, (only for experts) it would be very exciting time for whitewater rafting, as the current becomes stronger and sometimes the river will become grade V which is very strong.


  • All participants will be required to sign a Liability Release before departure.
  • Children below 12 years may participate with parents or legal guardians .
  • Participants must be physically fit.
  • Jewellery & Contact lenses are not encouraged.

What to bring to water rafting

  • Change of clothes, Towel, Shoes, Slippers, Sun block.

International Grading Scale of River Difficulty

  • Grade I - Moving water with a few waves and small ripples.
  • Grade II Easy rapids with waves up to 1 meter and wide, clear, channels that are obvious without scouting. Some maneuvering is required.
  • Grade III Rapids with high, irregular waves often capable of swamping an open canoe. Narrow passages that often require complex maneuvering.Rapids may require scouting from shore. Boaters in kayaks should have the ability to Eskimo Roll.
  • Grade IV Long, difficult rapids with constricted passages and often turbulent waters. Scouting from shore is necessary, and conditions make rescue difficult. Generally not possible for open canoes. Boaters in kayaks should have the ability to Eskimo Roll.
  • Grade V Extremely difficult, long and very violent rapids. Highly congested routes which always should be scouted from shore. Rescue conditions are difficult, and there is significant hazard to life in the event of a mishap. Ability to Eskimo roll is essential for boaters in kayaks.
  • Grade VI Water is at the extremes of navigability. Nearly impossible and very dangerous. For teams of experts only. Close study must be made ahead of time and all precautions taken.

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