Pulau Tinggi

Brief Introduction Rising 2,000 ft above sea level, Pulau Tinggi is endowed with fresh waters, a sheltered harbour and coral reefs abound with prolific marine life. Recommended activities include swimming, snorkelling and scuba diving.

Similar to Pulau Sibu, you can get there from Mersing or Tanjung Leman. You are advised to check with your resort for transport from Mersing.

Nestled along the golden sand of Pasir Panjang, among the most pristine and untouched regions of Tinggi Island. According to legend, Hang Tuah (a Malay legendary hero) stopped at this island before he continued his journey to next destination. The island get its name from a very high hill at this island. High in Malay means Tinggi.

The island is endowed with fresh water, fruits, rattan, timber and a well shattered harbor. Journey by boat to Tinggi Island takes approximately 45 minutes. Crystal clear water and the 'green' island makes you release the tense of working and enjoy the beautiful view. Don't miss the sunset view from Tinggi Island. An island nearby, 'Berlima' is a very suitable place to swim and snorkeling. 'Berlima' simply means five represent five small island. Tinggi island is one of fishing paradise. Another activities in Tinggi Island is jungle tracking where you can see undisturbed jungle and waterfall. A very suitable place for those who plan to go for honeymoon. Free from noise and pollution. Simply put, Peace, relax and cool.


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