White water rafting in Malaysia Review:

Malaysia and its neighbouring countries are blessed with many river systems which formed the lifeline of the daily existence of the many people who lived along these rivers. These people depended on the rivers for their livelihood and to get around.

Traditional bamboo rafts and dug-out canoes were the only means of transport. You can still find the bamboo rafts and dug-out canoes in use in some remote places of Borneo island and Indonesia today.

However, the bamboo rafts and dug-out canoes are quickly being replaced by modern-day inflatable rafts and whitewater kayaks for sports and recreational purposes.

Malaysia alone has over 85 river systems and during the monsoonal rains these rivers can turn into excellent rivers for whitewater kayaking and rafting. While the dry season is a good time for novices to get acquainted with the sport, the wet season is a good time for the experienced to ride the rapids as the rivers swell and the current becomes more powerful. However, heavy rains during the wet season can also cause these rivers to flood and become too dangerous for kayaking and rafting.

Whitewater experiences in Malaysia range from the high adrenaline Grade V rapids to the more tranquil family rides. Some rivers are very remote, traversing through Orang Asli settlements and ancient forests full of bird and animal life, and some flow past limestone caves and prehistoric archaeological sites.

White water rafting in Malaysia